Our Story

LKH & Company was formed in 2016 to service Wyoming’s needs for dance shoes, dance wear, gymnastics, figure skating, yoga and active wear.  We are a full service location filling all your dance and active wear needs.  We also provide popup stores in studios and locations near you!  Can’t get to us? Not a problem — we also offer shipping options to studios or homes! Want to have us come to your studio for fittings and sales? Just contact us at store@lkhandcompany.com or 307.742.6767.


Store Hours

Friday 5-7 p

Saturday 10a – 12p

*These times don’t work? We’re happy to make an appointment at your convenience!

*All pointe shoe fittings are by appointment only

*If you are having a “shoe/clothing emergency” please always call us and we can set up a time to help you out!