Pointe shoe fittings can only be done by appointment at LKH & Company.  

Pointe shoe fittings can take 60 to 90 minutes.  Appointments can be set by calling 307.742.6767 or emailing store@lkhandcompany.com.

Frequently Asked Questions about pointe shoes and pointe shoe fittings.

Why do I need an appointment to be fit in pointe shoes?

In order to fit shoes correctly to your feet, a great deal of time and care must be taken, and we must arrange for our pointe fitting staff to assist you. The first time you fit pointe shoes you’ll go through many shoes and try many options, so these first fittings can take up to 90 minutes. Refittings can go faster, although young dancers’ feet can make changes over time, and a refitting may take up to an hour. To avoid injuries, fittings must be done by someone who is trained. We want dancers to enjoy their experience en pointe!

How do I know if I am ready for pointe?

It is important to enter pointe on the dancer’s own unique time schedule. While the beauty and allure of pointe is exciting to many ballet students, entering the style before one is prepared is not wise. Dancers should have a recommendation from a qualified pointe instructor and be physically and emotionally prepared for pointe. (See below) In a majority of cases, the dancers must be more than 10 years old, and often older still.

Why must I be more than 10 years old?

Your body must be prepared for the strenuous nature of pointe. Maturity in the foot is crucial to avoid life long injuries. This is very unique to the dancer, as much as a person’s height and eye color! Many medical professionals consider 10 years old to be a safe age to begin pointe training, and we encourage you to visit with your physician for any questions. Dancing en pointe is a challenging style, and patience and stamina are required. It can be a daunting challenge for even 10 year olds!

If your pointe instructor suggests you wait, ask about prepointe and exercises you/your dancer can do to help ready their body. While it may be challenging to see one’s peers entering pointe and feel left behind, don’t run into a style to keep up with your/your dancer’s peers! Keep working hard and you/your dancer will be ready in time. Life long injuries that sideline you/your dancer will be even harder to manage if you pushed into it too early.

We at LKH&Company are parents of dancers as well as studio owners. Support of the dancer and their parent is our goal first and foremost, NO MATTER where you dance. We welcome all dancers, pointe dancers, etc. and want to see you all happily & healthily dancing!

Is there a fitting fee?

There is no fitting fee if you purchase pointe shoes from LKH&Company the same day as the fitting.  If you do not purchase shoes there is a $40 fitting fee, due at the fitting. If pointe shoes are purchased within 30 days of the fitting, the fitting fee will be applied to your shoe purchase.

What brands of pointe shoes does LKH&Company Carry?

LKH&Company carries multiple styles from the following brands:  Russian Pointe, Grishko, Suffolk, Gaynor Minden, and Capezio. We are currently negotiating with additional brands as well.

Does LKH&Company carry pointe shoe accessories?

Absolutely! We carry ouch pouches, toe spacers, spacer storage containers + antimicrobial powder, ribbons and elastics. We do not carry bulky gel pads.

Does LKH&Company do Re-Orders?

LKH&Company is happy to place re-orders for pointe shoes for experienced dancers.

Does LKH&Company have a loyalty program?

YES! Once you have purchased four pair of shoes with us your fifth pair is free! Fifth pair must be of similar value to the average of your previous four purchases. Value can be applied to a fifth pair of greater value.